The Gradual Transformation Of Data Management System Essay

2262 Words May 6th, 2016 10 Pages
The gradual transformation in data quantity has resulted in emergence of the Big data and immense datasets that need to be stored. Traditional relational databases are facing many difficulties meeting the requirements of the volume and heterogeneity structure of big data. NoSQL databases are designed with a novel data management system that can handle and process huge volumes of data. NOSQL systems provide horizontal scalability by supporting horizontal data partitioning across heterogeneous nodes. In this paper, a MapReduce Rendezvous Hashing Based Virtual Hierarchies (MR-RHVH) framework is proposed for scalable partitioning of Cassandra NoSQL databases. MapReduce framework is used to implement MR-RHVH on Cassandra to enhance its scalability and performance in highly distributed environments. MR-RHVH distribute the nodes to rendezvous regions based on a proposed Adopted Virtual Hierarchies strategy. Each region is responsible for a set of nodes based on spooky hash function. In addition, a proposed Bloom Filter Evaluator is used to ensure the accurate allocation of keys to nodes in each region. Moreover, number of experiments were performed to evaluate the performance of MR-RHVH framework, using YCSB for database testing. The results show high scalability rate and less time consuming for MR-RHVH framework over different recent systems.
The data in NoSQL is huge and it growth rapidly, especially in social networks applications. To manage these data, NoSQL must be…

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