The Government 's System Of Brainwashing Children Essay

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These three contradictory phrases are the slogans of the Party, but if they make no sense, why do people blindly follow them? Unfortunately, it all goes back to the conviction in which others say them. People say that the best way to win an argument is to shout the loudest, which is exactly what’s happening here. People like the tone in which their neighbors are chanting nonsense, so they blindly join in. Besides, these words are written into stone, so they have to be true… right?
Right now Stratford is preparing a show called Rhinoceros. In it, people are turning into rhinoceroses, mainly because everyone else is doing it. Similarly, Winson sees everyone participating in the Two Minute Hate, and he “turns into a rhinoceros” and joins in. By doing this, citizens lose their sense of humanity as an animalistic compulsion takes over. All sense of individuality is disregarded as a feral pack instinct takes over, with Big Brother as the alpha.
The government’s system of brainwashing children is frighteningly brilliant. Since Big Brother has people’s kids on their side, they can also force the parents to conform, lest their own children turn them in. Also, there is no chance of parents “tainting” their children’s minds, and, before long, you have a vicious army of adult in which people like Winston could never survive. As unnerving as it is, using the naive children to purge unrest makes disturbing sense.
When Winston rewrites articles, he is essentially changing history, for…

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