The Government System Is Seen As A Failure Essay examples

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In today’s world, our government system is seen as a failure. We have too many problems facing our nation such as immigration reform, healthcare, environmental rights, religious rights, terrorism and so much more. These issues have been problems for a long time. Our government is taking too long to resolve this issue. They take too long because our nation is split into half, figuratively. We live in a nation, where half of the country are considering blue states or red states. In our country, we have two political parties that have become polarizing from each other. We have Congressman that care for their state interests than our country as a whole. In our U.S. Constitution, there are no set of rules where it tells how to deal with political parties, who has the right to get married or anything about social problems such as healthcare, social security reform or social injustice. Larry J. Sabato, the founder of the Center for Politics at the University of Virginia, believes our Constitution is out of date. He believes we should have a Constitutional Convention to update our Constitution so it represents our modern time. He writes a book where he proposes 23 new proposals to our Constitution. Sabato, he has good and bad convincing ideas.
According to a CBS News, Rebecca Shabadwe, a reporter, last updated November 11, 2015, claims that in a 2015 approval poll Congress has an 11% approval rating. This 11% approval rating is the lowest Congress’s approval rating. This poll…

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