The Government Should Care About Their Citizen 's Health Essay

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The last opinion points the responsibility of the government. The government should care about their citizen’s health. The health is precious assets of individual, moreover, a group and a nation’s asset which is directly related their national economy and power. They have not enough nutritional education for children and neglected unhealthy cafeteria lunch menu. People want to feed their family and children with fresh vegetables, but some of people cannot eat because of cost, so supporting their food expenses especially healthy food. In addition, the revenue for advertisement on healthy food or campaign is really low when we compared it with the revenue for fast food advertisement from fast food companies. Government should spend more money on this. A health problem is deserved to be supported by government.
Of course, just blaming overweight problem cannot help anything. The intention of this writing and showing the data about obesity rate will be meaningful when we try to solve the problem, in other words, when we reduce the amount of obesity rate. If there is a problem, there must be some solution and there are various ways depends on who you are. There are some general suggested solutions for individuals. Doing exercise is a good way of reducing fat cells in the body. Many people already know this, although it is common solution, it is effective and good for health. However, reducing fat needs a strategy based on information and knowledge, so people need knowledge about…

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