Essay on The Government Of The People

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Abraham Lincoln writes, “Government of the people, by the people, for the people”. This idea illustrates that a government is for the people and is created by the people. It is another way of saying that the government is looking out for the people. Can this idea be compared to classical Greece and classical Rome? Yes, it can. Classical Greece at first was ruled by powerful aristocratic families that took away the rights of the people. The people did not have a say. It was not until powerful leaders such as Cleisthenes and Solon that everything became straightened out. Starting with Solon, he tried to get rid of all of the debt in Greece. He did more than this. Solon encouraged the export of olive oil and encouraged that no one shall be a slave again. This did not apply to foreign slaves. He also allowed the people of Athens to vote and much more. The only problem is Solon’s reforms did not last. Aristocratic families soon came back to power. Is there anyone that could save the day? Maybe. Cleisthenes did away with the general assembly. He created tribes that would rule their own individual part of lands. These tribes had the authority to get rid of anyone who they thought might gain too much power. They would ask nicely for the person to leave and come back later. This allowed for the people to retain a balance within their tribe. All of this may be the representation of future city states. Cleisthenes dictated that people could vote too. It did not matter what class an…

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