The Government Is Destroying America With Corruption And Unscrupulous Administration

763 Words Nov 9th, 2015 4 Pages
The authors’ theme throughout the essay is that the government is destroying America with corruption and unscrupulous administration. Democracy means rule by the people and this is not what the American citizens have now. True democracy solves wicked problems, it does not ignore century old problems. The American Government can’t function without the complacency of the people. Tyrants and corporations are exploiting the American citizens because the citizens are allowing it. The American Government has the citizens believe that the word of the citizens counts for something. Citizens today have little to no interest in voting or any type of government involvement. The American’s false democracy has created a deceitful illusion of choice for the American voters. Both democratic and republican party have created a theatrical spectacle of continuous conflict when they exchange comments. They constantly attack each other in order to have something to voice to the American citizens without any bi-directional dialogue with its citizens. Voting has become a game that has offered American citizens the option to vote only for the lesser evil of the two. Citizens are not electing the solutions to wicked problems, the status quo continues to be maintained, and the only thing that is changing is the face and style in leadership for the citizens. The authors throughout the essay illustrates the alternative to a market-based model, one that has a. The new alternative for America…

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