The Government Housing Service Team Essay

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A strategy that will build a healthy working culture in government housing service team
Culture is a fundamental aspect in the organization 's operating environment because it influences how the organization effectively and efficient meets its challenges and changes. The organization’s culture determines the patterns of behavior, attitudes and activities which are normally shaped by the shared set of beliefs and values (Cronin, 2013). In order for an organization such as government housing service team to implement a strategy that shall be successful, there is a need for the management to ensure that the strategy adopted is aligned with the organizational culture. Changing the culture involves articulation of new set of values and beliefs which are associated the culture adopted. As a matter of fact, the employees of most organizations won’t change until they shall see their leaders acting differently and also see the new behavior being rewarded and recognized.
The government housing service team is facing several challenges ranging from: limited resources, decreased productivity from the employees as a result of pressure, inappropriate hiring of the employees with the right talents and lack of employee training. Therefore, there is need for the organization to adopt transformed model approach in order to build a healthy work culture that would be resilient in the five years time (Storey, 2014). Despite the size of the organization to adoption of a transformation model…

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