The Government Has Undermined The Integrity Of The Country 's Democratic System

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America has always been a nation dedicated to the principles of democracy. Though the government has undergone massive changes in its organization, democracy has always been and hopefully always will be the pillar upon which the government is run. Despite the importance of the people in the governing process, many now think that their elected officials do not represent their interests. The reason for this doubt is that many politicians now take large donations from corporations, which are likely used for political leverage. One is inclined to agree with the people, as politicians continue to favor the interest of big business over those who elected them. By allowing corporations to donate to political campaigns the government has undermined the integrity of the country’s democratic system.

The issue of corporations having a hand in the electoral process find its roots in the controversial supreme court case Citizens United V. Federal Election Commission (Kristin Sullivan, and Terrance Adams, “SUMMARY OF CITIZENS UNITED V. FEDERAL ELECTION COMMISSION”). According to Principal Analyst Kristin Sullivan and Legislative Analyst Terrance Adams, this case was started by Citizens United in an attempt to protect their recently developed movie Hillary. Both Adams and Sullivan went on to explain that Hillary was a political piece used by Citizens United to express whether or not she was fit for the position of president. Citizens United however feared that Hillary may violate…

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