The Governess Brides Character Analysis

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The Governess Brides are a series of historical novels and one of American born author Christina Dodd’s most popular series of novels. The first novel in the series was Rules of Surrender that was first published in the year 2000. That Scandalous Evening that was published in 1998 is not part of the series though many of the characters in the series make an appearance in the novel.

The series of novels is set in the Distinguished Academy of Governesses where young women pursue a career of being governesses. The women who make it out of the academy are ones that overcome all challenges and odds to win the man of their dreams, status, wealth, and the best sex ever.

The first novel in the series introduces The Distinguished Academy of Governesses and its rules for students. All the students are to remember their place, which is higher than the servants but lower
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The lead character in the series is Caitlin Maclean the most recent graduate from The Distinguished Academy of Governesses. She is an expert in overthrowing ruthless dictators, picking locks and housekeeping. With such skills, she attracts the attention of Taran Tamson a prince in disguise masquerading as a ship’s captain. Even though he agrees to her rules, it is not long before he is turning on his charm that ensures he is the only thing she desires.

Many fans of the Governess Brides series of novels also loved the Regency series of novels by Jacquie D'Alessandro. The series feature royal princes and princesses who find loving difficult after previous terrible experiences in love leave them hopeless even in the face of true love. Governess Brides fans also enjoy the Liar’s Club series of novels by Celeste Bradley. The series of romance novels feature an elite group of spies, expert at the dark arts of espionage and stealing ladies’

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