The Gothic Of Gothic Literature Essay

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Gothic literature is dark, morbid, insane, and at the same time enjoyable. Stories in gothic literature focus mainly on the disturbing lives of the main character but also includes ironic events or happenings. Sothern Gothic became popular during the 1940’s and today, still holds relevance with readers, teachers and literature classes. Most of the time Sothern Gothic literature would tie into some sort of social issue in the American South such as slavery. A few very recognizable authors in this genre are Flannery O 'Connor, William Faulkner, and Carson McCullers. The gothic south haunts the American imagination as fears and desires become projected onto a geographical region with a troubled and troubling past (Hendershot 152). With so many injustices taking place in the south when this style of writing started to gain popularity, the readers could relate in some ways to the grotesque events within the story. Common themes in southern gothic literature include troublesome characters, decomposed settings, and unsettling incidents throughout the work. The main character may have some sort of affliction and do horrible things that makes the reader question their initial observations regarding this character. There is something about the South that makes it the perfect background for stories of specters, haunted mansions, and hidden secrets (Hendershot 152). The settings in gothic stories are usually decaying and ugly. Most of the time in gothic literature these places are…

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