The Gospel Truth By David Van Biema Essay

1846 Words Dec 6th, 2016 8 Pages
In order to uncover unknown information from an ancient civilization, archeologists usually do extensive digging and research in a specified area; however, to uncover truths about Jesus Christ, there was no removal of dirt, as the world 's most sold book was dug into. Although Christianity continues to be the most popular religion, scholars came together in a Seminar, seeking to find the provable truth, which leads to unpopular conclusions. Throughout the article entitled, The Gospel Truth? by David Van Biema, the question of Jesus and the two lenses through which we see him, faith and history, are explored, conclusions are made, and reactions are instant. Instead of believing by faith and tradition, the Jesus Seminar is an attempt to identify what sections of the Bible are realistic, and what may have been altered, in the hopes of creating an authentic interpretation of Jesus.
The controversial article opens up with an audacious claim that "Judas didn 't do it". Following this up, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John are deemed unreliable, and the reputable nature of the Nativity, the Resurrection, the Sermon on the Mount and many other cases are immediately thrown out as unverifiable. On the matter of Judas Iscariot, some people felt the evidence proves he is guilty, some felt he did it with the Apostles as accomplices, while others felt it was simply a literary device. In consensus, the 50 panelists agreed that is was highly unlikely that he kissed his master and betrayed him…

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