The Gospel Of Matthew Contains A Number Of Verses Essay

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The Gospel of Matthew contains a number of verses that provide a conflicting yet intriguing insight to the status of women and the interactions that Jesus had with them. A consequence of these differing views is the uncertainty readers may have over the role of women and their influence in the rise of Christianity. Professor Rodney Stark’s essay on the role of women promotes the notion that women were major stakeholders in Christianity and acted as a catalyst to the religion’s rapid growth. Despite having references about Christian women with high status, the Gospel of Matthew emphasises more on the importance of their function in the Christian movement.
Christianity had become a popular religion among Pagan females as a result of sacred texts such as the Gospel of Matthew, which portray Jesus as an advocate of woman’s rights. In Chapter 19 for example, Jesus declares that any divorce for reasons except unchastity is to be considered adulterous and therefore illegal (19:9). A group of Pharisees challenge this notion, arguing that a religious leader named Moses had granted their divorces on more lenient terms (19:7). Jesus dismisses their case, reasoning that Moses had only certified their rights for divorce due to their own persistent and callous nature (19:8). Jesus’s stance on divorce can be directly linked to the early Christian Church policies, which condemned divorce, marital infidelity and polygamy. Therefore, Pagan women seeking greater marital security and social…

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