Gospel Of Mark Summary

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The gospel of Mark contained many description histories such as parable, sermons, and prophetic oracles. The purpose of the gospel of Mark was to tell the reader that Jesus is the son of God and he’s the Messiah. The God sent it his son to save mankind from the sins by letting him suffer to help the human being. According to Bible Mark is one of the historians in a New Testament who came witness the life of Jesus. Mark story started by describing the adulthood life of Jesus and establishing it with the words “The beginning of the life of Jesus Christ the son of God”. The main theme of the gospel of Mark was humiliation by telling Christ’s arrest, suffering, and death.

Jesus told his disciples about what would happen to him to save the mankind. He said, “The chief priests, the teachers of the Law of Moses and the nation’s leaders will make the Son of Man
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They attend the synagogue and it’s a rest day for them. Jesus did many miracles on Sabbath such as healing Peter’s mother in law, and a man with deformed hand. When Jesus left the synagogue, he went to Andrew and Simon’s house with John and James. Simon’s mother in law was really sick with a fever. Jesus heard about her once so he came, took her hand and raised her up and as soon as she did that, her fever was gone. When she felt better, she started serving them. Another day when Jesus was at the synagogue. There was a man with a withered hand. Everyone was watching Jesus and waiting to see if he would heal the man on Sabbath so they can accuse him. Jesus asked the man to come closer. Then he said it is lawful on the Sabbath to do good or evil? Everyone were silent and stood watching with anger. Jesus asked the man to stretch his hand and then they were restored. Everyone got mad and went straight to Herodians so they can tell him what happened and plan how to destroy him. They were mad because no one has ever broke the Sabbath or made miracles.

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