The Gospel Of Mark Is The First Of The Synoptic Gospels Essay

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Jesus’ Secret
Hidden is defined as: to conceal from knowledge or exposure; to keep secret. We see Jesus’ ability to keep secrets and hidden messages in the Gospel According to Mark. The Gospel of Mark is the first of the synoptic gospels, because it includes many of the same stories as Matthew and Luke, but it is the original. Mark was written in 70 AD, when the Jewish temple was burned down. It is speculated the author of the Gospel was John Mark, a gentile Christian, who was a follower of Peter, Jesus’ closet disciple. Because this testimony was written closest to the time of Jesus’ life and death, it is held to the highest regard and truth than the other three Gospels. A gospel is an account describing the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, but the Gospel of Mark only focuses on his baptism by John the Baptist, his death, burial, and discovery of the empty tomb. It focuses on the parables that Jesus told and his healing abilities. All the teachings that Jesus was doing through parables were conflicting with the Pharisees and their interpretation of the Law of Moses, giving Jesus a fairly large target on his back. However, for his safety, he had to keep his status of the Messiah under wraps. In doing this, the Kingdom of God had to be limited to those who could be trusted in the Messianic Secret; but only a few knew of these secrets. The Gospel of Mark showed that Jesus portrayed a level of secrecy about him being the Son of God, the Kingdom of God, and about…

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