The Gospel Of Luke And John Essay examples

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INTRODUCTION The Gospel of Luke and John were written respectively by two of Jesus Christ’s followers. John was a fisherman, chosen by Jesus to become a part of his close circle of followers the disciples. Luke, on the other hand, was a physician by profession that did not know Jesus personally, but gained his insight from speaking with those that had firsthand knowledge of Jesus. They each present the accounts of Jesus’ life with their own individual perspective, thereby giving the reader a more complete understanding of who Jesus really was.
THE GOSPEL OF LUKE Luke was Greek Christian that wrote his account of our Lord and Saviors life around 59-61 A.D. Along with writing the Gospel of Luke, he wrote the book of Acts and was a traveling companion to Paul. The Gospel of Luke contains a genealogical and narrative style historical account of Jesus Christ’s birth, life and ministry. While not written from a firsthand account of Christ, Luke shows great evidence of his desire to convey the teachings of Jesus to the readers of his account. He expresses this desire to in Luke 1:4, where he says that he is writing this so that “thou mightest know the certainty of those things, wherein thou has been instructed.” He also records more parables within his Gospel than any of the other three writers. Due to his meticulous details of the life of Christ, Luke is the largest and most exhaustive of the Gospels. His position of writing clearly conveys the point that Jesus came to seek…

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