The Gospel Of John, Jesus Essay

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In the Gospel of John, Jesus is shown performing miraculous deeds to prove to the Jewish people that he was the true son of God. John uses an eye-witness testimony to prove that Jesus was the true light sent down by God. The Gospel of John reveals that Jesus is the only son of God when Jesus prayed and said, “Now this is eternal life, that they should know you, the only true God, and the one whom you sent, Jesus Christ” (JN 17:3, NABRE). John showed Jesus trying to convince non-believers through the act of seven different signs, in which the first sign was when Jesus turned six stone water jars into wine at a wedding in Cana. John alludes back to the phrases in the Old Testament starting with ‘I am’; these phrases create a deeper spiritual meaning when Jesus speaks to people, as this was the same way God spoke. Overall, John tries to convince readers with his 1st hand experience that Jesus is filled with the presence of God and on a mission as the Messiah, to which he tries to make the Jewish people believe in him. Jesus tried to show that he had the power of God by performing seven major signs to reveal his glory given by god. The Jewish people did not believe Jesus had the power to heal and do wonders like that of God, but he managed to prove them wrong numerous times. The first sign performed by Jesus was at a wedding in Cana when the wine supply was empty. Servers were told to obey Jesus, and he told them “Fill the jars [six stone water jugs that could hold 20-30…

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