The Gospel Of John Is One Of The Four Gospels Essay

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The Gospel of John is one of the four Gospels written to tell the story of Jesus’ life. Just as Matthew, Mark, and Luke have given their accounts of Jesus’ miracles so has John. Though these accounts may have their own way of telling what is important to them, the main fact is that these Gospels were recorded so that we may learn more of the word of God. “In order to understand John’s approach to the story of Jesus, the reader must recognize the centrality of the incarnation of the Gospel” (NIB 1905). The book of John begins, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God” (John 1:1). I believe that with the book of John starting with the statements of the character of God first, the author is making his authorship known. He is able to bring the focus of the readers to God in the beginning rather than having them question throughout Jesus’ life when the Word of God would become flesh. Each Gospel begins with a central event, the birth of Jesus or the beginning of Jesus’ ministry, and to begin with the Word becoming flesh or real provides evidence of the authorship for the Gospel. I believe it shows one’s accountability and responsibility for the Gospel. The New Interpreter’s Study Bible suggests that “a date of 75- 80 CE as the earliest possible date of composition for this Gospel, and the late- first century as its latest possible date” (NIB 1906). The book of John takes place in several parts as Jesus’ miracles were not confined to one…

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