Essay on The Good, The Bad, And The Laws

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The Good, The Bad, and The Laws

When it comes to the topic of when someone can break the law, most of us will readily agree that breaking the law is unjust because laws are put in place to keep the community safe. Where this agreement usually ends, however, is on the question of when a law can acceptably be broken. Whereas some conclude that laws should never be broken, others maintain that there are some (4) instances where laws should be broken such as when the law is immoral. Socrates and Antigone would agree with the assertion that disobeying laws for no reason is not the solution to a problem. In Antigone’s case, she did break Kreon’s law since it was immoral. Therefore, if a law is immoral, people have the right to break the law. However, I believe that breaking the laws should be avoided as much as possible because it could endanger others if broken for the wrong reasons. For example, if someone were to commit assault with a deadly weapon, this would be wrong and should be punishable. However, if a person used a weapon to protect themselves, this would be self-defense and should not result in punishment for them. Although some people think that breaking the laws can be acceptable for the wrong reasons, I claim that moral laws should never be broken because it undermines the safety of the community unless there are immoral laws which corrupt the community.
Striving to live well is contingent upon obeying moral laws and making the most of one’s life. Even though…

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