The Good Samaritan Inn And Mercy Gardens Essay

1276 Words Dec 15th, 2016 6 Pages
There are a wide variety of community service options that benefit different communities in many ways. Working at the Good Samaritan Inn and Mercy Gardens was a service learning opportunity that benefitted a large amount of people. The Good Samaritan Inn is an organization that provides food to feed the hungry people of the Decatur area. The Good Samaritan Inn serves approximately 300 people every day of the week. Mercy Gardens is a non-profit organization that grows healthy, organic food that will be used to make meals for the hungry at the Good Samaritan Inn. Along with providing food to the hungry, Mercy Gardens also provides opportunities for low-income Decatur residents to learn about gardening and to get real work experience. These citizens work at Mercy Gardens planting produce, while doing this they learn techniques and practices in organic farming that will aid them in finding reliable jobs in the future. As a class we volunteered our time to help allow Mercy Gardens to operate more efficiently in the upcoming winter months. With snowfall on the horizon it is always a challenge to plant crops in the dead of winter. This year Mercy Gardens was dedicated to finishing their green house and hydroponic tables so fresh produce could be grown and served year round. The green house needed much work including building and painting the hydroponic tables, and pouring gravel down for the floor material. Some other work that was done to benefit the Gardens was harvesting crops,…

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