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VSAT – Size of dish, manufacturers? Very Small Aperture Terminal is a satellite communications system that serves home and business users. A VSAT end user needs a box that interfaces between the user's computer and an outside antenna with a transceiver. The tranceiver receives or sends a signal to a satellite transponder
Cabling – Crossover, RJ 45, CAT 5/6? Do you know color codes? Wo o wg b wb g wb b

Routing/Switching – Explain command levels operator, guest, administrator

How to set speed and duplex? Login to router select port set speed •
The 10/100/1000 ports operate in either half- or full-duplex mode when they are set to 10 or 100 Mbps, but when set to 1000 Mbps, they only operate in full-duplex mode.

Desktop –
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DTE= data terminal equipment in the data terminal equpment the following processs take palse 1 data termination 2 data genrtation 3 data sending a router is a dte device

DCE=data circit device type of device whichsimply allow the data to pass within then self without any modification this could be a switch hub modem repeater

-How would you get the configuration from a bad router to the new one? Log into router via serial port. Delete the running config and save. Reboot router. Once rebooted log into router via serial and copy and paste new router config and save. Reboot router

-What would you do if a network printer won’t print? * Check to see that the printer is powered on and the network cable is properly connected to both the printer and the wall jack. * Check the network print queue to see if any jobs have become stuck. Clear them if necessary (instructions for doing this are given in the next section). * Try sending a test print job to see if the printer is working. * If you get a "printer unavailable" error message when trying to view a print queue, the printer server may be down. * If the print queue appears to be

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