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The good life varies from religion to religion. The Buddhist of the West will be compared and contrast with the Muslims of the East. The good life for the Buddhist is nirvana. Buddhist seeks enlightenment and that is done by being led through the human form of Buddha (Ludwig, 2006, p.147). The rituals and practices are not what helps one reach nirvana, but the individual discipline and mindful meditation. The rituals and practices are instrumental tools. “Devotional rituals can be beneficial in concerns like health, wealth, rainfall, coping with crisis, passing through stages in life, and the like” (p.158). Muslims believe the good life comes through rituals and practice to live a life of service and worship to God faithfully. The rituals …show more content…
One of the rites of passage is with the birthing of a child. There are rituals for safe passage of the baby into the world from the mother’s wombs, delivery rituals and during pregnancy rituals. After the birth, communities have rituals for boys and girls. One is the January 15 ritual called the Shinto festival which is for young people turning twenty. The ritual of communities is for boys entering novice monkhood is the most important. Marriage rituals are also performed to bless the couple and officiated by a layman. Death is one of the more important rituals. This is the transformation of living a good life and moving on to the rebirth. Rituals are practiced at the funeral, seven days afterwards and …show more content…
The ritual of birth is traditional and not scriptural from the Quran. The practice is the call of prayer is spoken in the baby’s right ear and summons to perform the prayer is summoned in the left ear of the baby. If it is a boy, circumcision takes place at the time of birth, a few years after birth, and as late as twelve years of age depending on the community belief. This practice is also not mentioned in the Quran but is a traditional practice. Some cultures also circumcise girls. Many disagree with the practice on girls, although it is viewed as a purification practice. The baby is named after seven days. The mother must be purified before returning to her ritual duties. This usually takes place forty days after the baby’s birth. Marriage is to take place early in the life of a Muslim because it is considered one of God’s good gifts. The marriages are usually arranged by parents. The groom is required to present the bride with a wedding gift. The bride and groom are to enter the marriage willingly, yet the parents speak for the silent bride to consent to the marriage. The marriage is legal when both the bride and groom sign a contract. The union is followed by a celebration with guest, music, special food and dancing. Some cultures hold the celebrations in a groom and bride separated gender

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