The Good Life Has Changed Drastically Throughout The Ages Essay

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The Good Life
What it means to live a good life has changed drastically throughout the ages, a question in the sense that is as old as the time humans began to contemplate on complex information. A good life can be interpreted in many ways, for few it may be: happiness, to lead a fulfilling life of joy, adventure, to live life on the edge, hospitality, to treat strangers with the kindest of emotions. The society and politics suggests what should be done and what should be left unfinished, but are what others claim to be their view of a good life means that yours must amend your emotions and values to reconcile with what others believe to be correct.
These are just a few of the possible answers that may arise when the question is asked, the possibilities are endless, to lead a good life I believe it isn’t about having 1 aspect, it’s about having the aspects of everything in a balanced quantity to lead a good life and a healthy life.
Let us first explore what Aristotles, the great Greek philosopher, had once thought to be what it meant to live a good life. According to him, he believes that this question of what is a good life is a political question as what is good for someone would most likely apply to those within a wider community, allowing laws to be created and seek the sense of righteousness and to benefit everyone. It is this form of thinking however that may fuel the most darkest and dangerous of thoughts, dictatorship and totalitarian regimes often arise out of…

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