Essay The Good And Bad Of Free Education

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The Good and Bad of Free Education
Free college is a topic that people have argued about for years and now because of a community college in Tennessee this could possibly be the start to something new when it comes to schooling. Through a new program called “Tennessee Promise “15000 college students in the state of Tennessee are allowed to attend community college free of charge. This is unheard of to most of America considering most of us probably had parents who would save up everything they could get to build up a college fund for their child or maybe the child would even have to save up for themselves. Getting set up for a good future is one of the most important tasks a person can have, but with tuition how it is nowadays it becomes a very complicated task. But what if by just signing a few papers and doing a few hours of community service you can just go to college and not even have to worry about the costs ? This is a dream that many of us wish could happen to us but for some people this is a reality. For starters I support the free college movement and think that it should be implemented in the state of South Carolina. But just because I do agree with the main idea does not mean I am not aware of the risks that come with it I just support the idea as a whole. There are rules and stipulations that go with this but for the most part as long as you keep your GPA good, Do a certain amount of hours of community service and attend class the government will pay for your…

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