The Goldman Group, Inc : Data Usage, Database Management, And Data Communication

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The Goldman Sachs Group, INC: Data Usage, Database Management, & Data Communication The Goldman Sachs Group operates as, “an investment management, investment banking, and securities company out of New York, New York”1. The company has four major business segments. These segments include: investment banking, institutional client services, investing and lending, and investment management. The very essence of their business is all about data: collection, mining, investigating, and distributing. Meaning, the company relies exclusively on financial data and databases to make their profit. Taking a closer look at the company, one of the more fascinating uses of data is in the bond market sector of their investment management business segment. Goldman Sachs uses data from external databases to create internal databases for classification and valuation of bonds. They then share the information held within their internal databases with their clients using a variety of methods and networks. Overall, data collection, database management, and data communication are Goldman Sachs’ keys to success. Goldman Sachs’ financial advisors must collect data from a plethora of databases to in turn create the internal databases that are useful to their practices and that can be communicated to their clients. The two types of databases that financial advisors will try to create in regards to bonds are classification databases and valuation databases. To gather the data needed to create these…

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