Essay on The Golden Fleece Energy Drink

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Jason the legendary Greek hero most known for leading the Argonauts a band of strong brave men and the quest for the Golden Fleece. “Jason and the Argonauts were known to be the bravest and most adventurous group of men in all of ancient Greece” (Hudson). Jason though he was a mortal and was not connected to god he was under protection of the goddess Hera whose favours he had gained. Jason may not be talented or have any powers but he is still interpreted as a hero in Greek mythology, Jason’s wisdom, bravery and leadership are the defining characteristics that make Jason a hero. The “Golden Fleece Energy Drink” is a new ground-breaking, innovative product designed to enhance your bravery, courage and wisdom while also boosting your focus and energy without any harmful side effects. After consuming the energy drink, that person will have the ability to get through any daily task without any constraint.
Jason son of Aeson King of Iolcus, Jason’s father was deprived of throne by Pelias Aeson’s brother. Jason’s parents pretended that he died at birth. Polymede, Jason’s mom gave birth to Jason while in captivity fearing that Pelias would kill the child, Jason was smuggled out and was sent to Mount Pelion “there, he lived with Chiron the Centaur, who taught him about plants, hunting, and art. But Jason was determined to one day return to his home and did so after his twentieth birthday” (Hudson). Jason was known as one of the bravest and adventurous hero’s. Jason…

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