Essay on The Golden Age Of Visual Media

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Today is known as the golden age of visual media, which has increased the accessibility of advertisements, and subsequently created a greater influence on society. Televised advertisements usually appear as commercials. Commercials are the quickest way to influence and effectively install a perceived necessity through an emotional appeal. A quintessential example of commercials that convey emotions is political commercials. Since the dawn of television, politicians have taken advantage of visual media, airing commercials in an attempt to strengthen their political campaign. Commercials are a valuable weapon in a political arsenal, because it is the most effective way to deliver messages to voters. The 2016 election was no stranger to political commercials, as the media played a major role in both candidate’s campaigns. The campaigns of Hillary R. Clinton and Donald J. Trump constructed political commercials to correspond with messages they believed were important to voters. Secretary Clinton’s commercials were mainly focused on the negative character and judgment of her opponent, while President-Elect Trump focused on antagonizing the political establishment in the United States. The majority of Hillary Clinton’s campaign commercials in the 2016 election criticized Donald Trump’s Character. Her messages embodied emotional topics for many Americans, which focused around human values. These commercials carried a negative tone to appeal to these emotional topics. One…

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