Essay on The Gods ' Rose '

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The Gods’ Rose

The moonlight poured from the sky like milk from the chalice of a God. And although the wind was roaring, silence and peace reigned through the forest. Agapi was laying on a thick tree branch outside her home, humming a sweet tune to herself, gently tearing the pettles off a rose and letting them float away with the breeze, while she stared up at the small white specks that were glued on the heavens. She was an odd girl, or so I had heard. She was tranquil, yet wild. Obedient, yet rebellious. Brave, but she just didn’t know it. And last but not least, she was beautiful. Her eyes, the colour of a bear, and just as fierce. Her lips, as red as the inside of a rose. Her hair, as black as a starless night. And her skin as soft and fair as silk.
“Agapi, my dearest, what are you doing up there? The better question is, how did you get up there?” Agapi’s father yelled out to her. She didn’t answer. She simply continued her melody and drifted away from the rest of the world. Her father knew an all too well what her silence meant. “What are you thinking about my darling?”
“Mother,” she whispered, “I’m just thinking about mother. How can it be possible to miss someone who you cannot even remember? Someone you never properly met?”
“She was your mother. She gave you life. A bond between a child and their mother is a bond that can never be broken. Not even by death.”
Agapi’s mother died after giving birth to her. She always felt a small hollow place in her heart that she…

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