Essay on The Goddess Venus By Venus Figurine

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In the ancient Roman world religion was an element common to the society. Their religion however is made up of lots meaningful gods and goddess which plays a central part in the everyday lives of a Roman Citizen. For everything imaginable the Roman society, they had a particular god or goddess in charge. Venus for example, was one of the Roman goddesses, who was the goddess of love and beauty. However, this paper focuses on the figurine of Venus in the Roman society and the main points that will be pursued in this essay is Why the goddess Venus is portrayed nude as a figurine, the significance of Venus in the Roman society is going to be discussed, and put in context Where this figurine particularly might be found and how it might have been used in the Roman society.

Long before the romans got the introduced to the whole the whole notion of Greek elements such as their gods and goddesses, they highly believed in many other deities /spirits who dwelled in the environments. Each of these deities had a very specific influence since each was associated with a particular place, object or a thing. “Almost every human activity was controlled by a deity. Most deities were too vague to receive a name; those who were named usually had titles that designated their sphere of influence.” (Shelton 1998: 405) One of the Olympian roman gods best known to most people today is Venus, the goddess of love and beauty. This is a Roman goddess who is the counter part to a Greek…

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