The Goals, Strategies And Theories Essay

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What- WHAT - Why did you plan this experience? How did you organize for this experience? What materials did you collect? What spaces did you utilize? What feedback did your co-teachers/mentors give you and how did you integrate their feedback? During the experience, what were your students doing? What were your students not doing? What were the students’ goals, strategies and theories? What were you and your co-teachers doing? What were you and your co-teachers not doing? What were the teachers’ goals, strategies and theories? How were the goals, strategies and theories of students and teachers the same and/or different? What else did you notice? What surprised you? What made you laugh or wonder or pause? What do you perceive as the successes and failures in this experience?
Technology is anything made by humans to make our lives easier, and to solve problems. I asked myself what technology do the children need to make their lives easier? Are their problems they are showing me that they need help solving, and what technology could be used to solve their problems? The first thing that I thought of was helping to scaffold the children’s self-regulation skills, autonomy, and pro-social behavior. Using real tools offers a unique learning experience for young children. Using real tools stimulates creative thinking, maths skills, scientific investigation, physical development and coordination, developing language and vocabulary. I wanted to continue to integrate this form of…

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