The Goals Of The 21st Century Framework Of Learning Essay

1024 Words Sep 27th, 2015 null Page
In order to support the goals of the 21st century framework of learning, schools must create nurturing and respectful environments. The vision of this new paradigm of learning emphasizes that an integral part of developing this environment is the invitation to students and their families to collaborate with educators and school administration to create and execute plans that support and respect the diversity of the school’s and community’s population. LSES has taken this step by creating a school improvement team which since its inception has obtained and reviewed school data pertaining to student and teacher performance and has since moved forward with the creation of a plan that outlines the school’s specific goals in a variety of areas and the actions the school will take to meet those goals. LSES is culturally diverse in not only in terms of students’ race and ethnicity, but it is also currently the only elementary school in the county that consists of such a diverse group of EC classrooms. This means our hallways are daily examples of diversity and the school works diligently to promote understanding and respect for these differences through its curriculum as well as in the ways in which staff and students are expected to interact inside and outside of the classroom. Throughout the school, the behavioral checklist displayed asks students and staff to ‘Be Kind, Be Respectful, and Be Responsible.’ Simple rules that encompass so many behaviors that work…

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