The Goals Of Latin American Countries Essay

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The poster child of Latin American countries, when it comes to the Millennium Development Goals, Chile, which seemed to have surpassed all eight goals before the goals were popular in 2000. Chile looks great on paper and excels in many areas like the global partnership, eradicating poverty, and gender equality. A brief look at Chile’s rich history paints a picture like a roller coaster full of ups and downs economically, socially and institutionally. This article will look to examine each of the 8 goals of the MDG. Furthermore, Chile is a unique study where the state has the right formula for success but a lot of times are held back by the wrong institutions. In conclusion this article will discuss how Chile has done completing the MDG and how Chile is progressing within the five new goals set out.
Chile, otherwise known as the republic of Chile, is a country located in South America subjugating a long, narrow strip of land facing the Pacific Ocean and to the east the Andes mountains. Chilean territory also includes several islands in the pacific including Easter Island, where the famed Easter Island heads reside, but that is not all Chile is famous for nor represents its complete diverse history. Peering into Chile’s superficial history, Chile had seen rises and falls of its economy, authoritarian leaders, governmental system, and institutions, and yet they are looked to as the poster child in Latin America. Chile was not always atop of the list in South America through-out…

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