The Goals Of Human Resource Management Essay

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This week’s chapter is The Goals of Human Resource Management (HRM). From my understanding, Human Resource Management is one of the departments in each organisation that is likely to achieve its objectives if their employees are used effectively and they planned how best to use their employees in order to achieve company’s goals and objectives. My refection essay will be based on my own personal experience working in the HR department and from the reading of this week’s chapter.
I used to work as the recruitment support in the Recruitment team for six months. The recruitment section is in charge of the advertising, screening, interviewing candidates for the company. The goal of recruitment is to select the most potential candidate for the company where we believe can contribute and matches his goals to the goals of the company itself. Taking for example of hiring fresh graduates to the company, the recruiters will select the candidates with relevant major and organise them according to their classifications (First Class Honours or Second Upper Honours and so on), and having work experience is bonus point. Then the candidates will be contacted for interview. Soon after candidates succeed in the interview, recruitment will contact them and advise on the first day of employment. Next, the recruitment section will forward the now successful employee to the relevant section in the Human Resource before he reports to his respective department. This experience in recruiting a…

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