The Goals Of A Social Scientist Essay

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Social psychology is defined as the scientific study of how individuals relate, think, connect, and reflect on one another (Gilovich et al, 2016, p. 5). The goals of a social scientist are simple; find out why people do what they do. Social psychologists are curious about finding out why people function, and how they behave in different types of everyday situations and settings.
Different situations bring out various reactions and behaviors in people. Some settings may bring forth a person to act with joy and excitement other settings may bring a person to act out in anger and violence. For example when most individuals are faced with outrage they respond with violence physically, verbally, and sometimes emotionally, better known as aggression. What sets aggression apart is that the individual must have the intent to cause harm to another person (cited from lecture 11).
An example of how people can react and behave with aggression under certain situations is a phenomenon termed, road rage. When people drive, often there are other individuals on the roads who may drive recklessly making others feel unsafe, cautious, anxious, upset and more often then not, angry. This is most often when road rage occurs, when another person builds with anger and outrage due to reckless driving they have experienced and they react with anger, in many cases physical violence, and in very extreme and unfortunate circumstances may lead to death. However, sometimes it is the reckless drivers,…

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