The Goals And Success Goals Essay

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Google 's definition for goals is the object of a person 's ambition or effort; an aim or desired result. There are three main types of goals in life. Those goals are long term, short term, and personal goals. Setting goals will help you succeed in the future so you can become an accomplished person in life. Goals need to be specific and reasonable. Many goals of the people today are unrealistic and impossible that is why very few succeed at achieving their goals and becoming successful. The goals that I am coming up on are my high school goals. These goals are probably my most important goals because these are the goals that are building my futures foundation. Also if I do not complete my goals the consequences are severe and the rest of my goals fall apart. Because my high school goals are very important I took a lot of time to plan them out. My first and most important goal in high school is to obtain and retain a 4.0+ throughout all four years of high school. This goal is huge for my future because this will decide what colleges I will get into. Also this goal will help me qualify for advanced placement programs that I am interested in. Not only will a 4.0+ help me get to where I need to be but, it will help me gain a better work ethic and more responsibility. My other high school goal is to make Varsity Soccer by my senior year. I feel this will help me because I am considering wanting to play college soccer in the future. Also I feel varsity soccer will give me some…

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