The Goals And Strengths And Weaknesses Essay

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Action Plan
There is a great deal of introspection, seeking, and coming to grips with reality that goes into preparing an appropriate action plan. One needs to see where one’s strengths and weaknesses are and determine how one will begin to close those gaps in order to reach one’s goals. In this paper, the author will clarify his career goals and where he believes he will be able to grow as an administrator, researcher, and professor. An action plan is provided along with a reflection on the aforementioned plan. The author will conclude with a recapitulation of the points discussed in this paper.
Career Goal Identification
The career goal of the author is to hold some type of position that reviews the instruction and development of instruction for a department, college, or university. Such a position would likely require a terminal degree and would likely be under the Vice President of Academic Affairs. Such a position would be similar to a Dean of Instruction. The author would like to work with department heads, specifically in the area of skill based degree programmes including, but not limited to, Fine Arts, Jewellery, and Farriery.
Type of Educational Institution Targeted The author understands that the environment mentioned hereafter may not exist, but it is his desire to “aim high” and hopefully land somewhere that is as close to what he desires as possible. The author aspires to work for a public, non-profit, research university which has a thriving arts and…

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