The Goals And Objectives Of Organizational Change Essay

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One thing can be for certain, organizations that do not evolve and do not respond to their constituencies will fail to meet their goals and achieve success. Organizational change is difficult for any organization but necessary for an organization to stay relevant and successful. Organizations that are ready for change, and are in-fact ready to embrace change, have certain traits that make them suitable to adapt and stay flexible.
Organizations that are adapt at change management incorporate practices that set them up for success. Organizations that have well defined goals and metrics are able to move the organization in a desirable direction as well as measure how that movement is progressing over time (Public Management Institute, 2014). Performance measurement provides an objective look at how an organization is utilizing resources to achieve organizational goals. The absence of goals and measurement is an organization that does not know how to move forward, does not have the ability to measure its success in a meaningful way, and does not have the capability of proving its value to those who support the organization or receive assistance from the organization.
Senior management must be supportive of change and the philosophy behind change management (Public Management Institute, 2014). Many managers can attest that change is difficult and that there will be resistance from various elements of any organizational structure. If the senior management team is not…

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