The Goals And Goals Of Food Truck Business

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Identify the business goals and objectives of the company
Goals describe a roadmap that helps a business to achieve its agenda. Objectives are the actions taken to achieve these goals. A business with clear goals and objectives has a guarantee of getting good returns and fulfilling customers’ needs. The goal of this business is to offer affordable means for office employees to eat in the city. Due to the rising food prices, the food truck business offers a better alternative to workers with a tight budget (Gwo-Hshiung & Hung-Fan, 2011).
One of the objectives is to supply clients with healthy and freshly cooked food in a fast and efficient way. This will be good for clients who are watching their cholesterol level, and for people who have less
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The business aims at workers that have little time to cook food, and have less time to spend at their lunch break. In addition, they cannot buy meals at restaurants because of high price or other inconveniences.
People prefer not to purchase fast food because of high content of fats and sugar, which increase cholesterol level in the body. High cholesterol level in the body results to overweight and diabetes. Today, people are educated on foods to consume that are healthy and nutritious. Therefore, many people prefer good quality, freshly cooked meals, served quickly at lower prices (Jackson, 2014).
The food truck business will satisfy all these needs. The location of the business is in one of the busiest areas of the city and will attend to the diverse needs of clients. It will provide food to workers, and move to parks where people will be having picnics and may have need for a dessert or a light meal. Consequently, the business will have a steady income on both weekdays and weekends (Gwo-Hshiung & Hung-Fan, 2011).
Who will perform the various management functions, and how the decision-making process
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It offers its clients meals that are healthy and freshly cooked. Consequently, the truck becomes the desired source of meals for people that are conscious of their weight, and concerned about their health. This improves the social life of people because they will be less sick of weight related diseases. Due to the mobility of the truck, it will move to crowded parks where people are having picnics and supply light meals and desserts. As a result, their social needs will be met and their overall life will improve (Jackson, 2014).
One of the negative aspects of a food truck is that it forms a huge amount of litter around its operations. This is because majority of customers consume their food and throw the containers on the ground. To prevent the problem of litter, the business has introduced ecologically save containers (Jackson, 2014). Moreover, the city provides a cleanup service that ensures all litter is wiped out thus sustaining a clean

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