Essay about The Goal Of The Shape It Up, After School Fitness Program

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The goal of the “Shape It Up,” after-school fitness program is to provide our middle school-aged youth with free resources needed to get physically active, promote positive self-worth, and encourage a healthier lifestyle. The youth at North Gulfport Middle School will have an opportunity to participate in an after-school program that makes getting fit fun. The “Shape It Up,” after-school fitness program shares a common goal with the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, and believes in Mr. Kellogg’s mission, “to promote, health, happiness, and the wellbeing of all children.”
III. Purpose & Community Problem Statement
The “Shape It Up,” after-school fitness program is designed to encourage our youth to become physically active and help prevent the childhood obesity epidemic faced by our youth. In society today, there is an increased need for our youth to be involved in physical education activities and to support the battle against health problems resulting from obesity. In 2015, the American Heart Association reported that one in three teenagers in the United States of America is considered overweight and obese; childhood obesity has become one of the nation’s main concerns. In addition, there is a substantial need for more after-school programming in the state of Mississippi. According to the After-school Alliance, 88,960 students in the state arrive home from school and are responsible for caring for themselves. This issue leads to children finding their own forms of entertainment and…

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