The Goal Of Narrative Therapy Essay example

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Another goal is to encourage the client (s) to examine their preferred answers to their problems that they are going through. Since, clients possess strengths; the goal of this therapy is to use those strengths to solve their problem. (Gehart, 2014).
The goal of Narrative Therapy is to use the client’s language to find out what is going well in the client’s lives to enable the client to anticipate a positive change in their life (Gehart, 2014).
The goal of Narrative Therapy is to assist clients to gain a new perspective to their problem (Gehart, 2014, p. 401). The clients may begin to view their problem differently, and may begin to form new perspectives on how they attempt to solve the problem.
The key concepts of SFT are this approach is a form of specialized conversations. The conversations are directed to developing and achieving the client’s vision of solutions. There are questions and techniques to help clarify those solutions and the means to achieving the solutions. One way is to ask the Miracle Question (Gehart, 2014). The miracle question is when the client can describe what the client would be doing differently if a miracle had occurred (page 349). An exception question is when the client has to identify a time and place when the problem is less of a problem (page 349). Therapists can use compliments and encouragement to motivate the client and highlight the client’s strengths (page 346). Another concept is to look for small steps that would guide them to a…

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