The Goal Of Ethics And Morality Essay

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Ethics is a very complicated matter because it is very diverse. It can come from many forms like religious belief and culture. This is evident in the guidelines that prompt our everyday lives like the rules that we might follow at church, at home, or in our day to day lives. It can also be heavily ruled by personal experiences. The many environmental and social factors can influence a person to believe the way they do. It can be something as simple as how someone was brought up but can differ greatly from person to person. Essentially, one person’s wrong can be one person’s right. Nevertheless, the goal of ethics and morality is to create a universal mutual understanding of right and wrong, therefore it is crucial to try to understand it.
In the interest of creating ethical actions, we need to be morally aware of our own actions. Understanding that we choose to think the way we do, learning how to think, and deciding what has meaning and what doesn’t helps us bring awareness to what is hidden in real life. By seeing the multiple consequences of a choice we learn that it is not as easy to be a good person as we previously might of thought. Then how do we act ethically?
To act ethically individuals first must be able to empathize all situations their action might have. Secondly, be able to then decide a path to take based upon ethics. This is to rid ourselves of the self-serving bias and instead let ourselves be seen by others as objective as well as by ourselves. This can…

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