The Goal By Eliyahu M. A Brief Essay example

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"The Goal" written by Eliyahu M. Goldratt is an interesting business novel published in 1984. It tells us a story about how Rogo, the plant manager, saves the plant with the efforts of both his staffs and the consultant Johan. The plant keeps shipping order overdue and losing money, so the supervisor comes to Rogo and tells him to solve the problem within three months by increase the productivity and efficiency. Otherwise, the plant would be shut down. Rogo quickly finds out that the problem of the plant is the excessive material purchasing and producing decisions. Based on these wrong decisions, the plant’s inventory and operating expense keep at a high level, which constrains the plant’s cash flow. In order to change this situation, Rogo and his staffs keep working on the issues they find based on Johan’s pinpoints. The situation of the plant finally gets better and the supervisor decides not to shut down the plant. There are many issues which all manufacturing companies are facing today, discuss in this book. Such as, the goal for company, the theory of constrains, bottleneck, batch size and so on. After reading the goal, I gain a further understanding of the way to run a manufacturing company and the Socratic approach of learning. Everything is meaningless unless there is a goal to achieve, and making money is the goal for UniCo in this case. Goal setting makes the decision making more precise and efficient, because managers only need to focus on…

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