The Goal By Eliyahu Goldratt Essay

2500 Words Nov 20th, 2016 10 Pages
Introduction The book entitled, “The Goal” By Eliyahu Goldratt is not just an ordinary book. It is about the production and service operation businesses. This author tells a story about a process of continual improvement that is based on a company manufacturing operations behind the scenes. The whole idea of the business itself, no matter what industry you’re in. Yes the author says that when doing a business, it is all about making profit for the company and for employees. However, it is relevant to all organizations because it’s all about people who are trying to understand what makes their world tick so they can make a better place for the situation that they’re in. In “The Goal” novel, is about the plant manager, who one day out of nowhere, sees his boss parking at his parking space and is wondering why for whatever reason. Suddenly, when he came into the power plant facility, all of the employees came to him upfront and complain about the situation. More importantly, a customer order (41427) was seven weeks late and has never shipped to the customer at the right time. Bill Peach, who is the boss of the power plant facility, calls on Mr. Rogo for a meeting. He complains about the customer’s order. Mr. Rogo doesn’t know what to do at this point, however, Peach demands him to get the order out of the facility. He doesn’t care how he does it; it just needs to get out of here. Mr. Rogo asked his boss about what he should do. He just tells him to build the product and…

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