The Goal And Object Of Individual Therapy Essay

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1. Goals and objectives. The goal and object of individual therapy will be to guide Sonny in his understanding of his limitations. Through the meaningful relationship that will be developed in therapy, insight is developed on his ability, his accomplishments and the raising of his self-esteem. Furthermore, it is the development of his identity that will generate a new perceptive which will provide confidence to challenge the psychotic symptoms that he experiences.
(Please see Appendix B.)
2. Duration of Treatment Existential therapy is a long-term therapy approach because it aims to formulate a new perceptive of his life and purpose. Because Sonny is an experienced participant is a PSR program, his continual attendance and participation in long-term individual therapy is achievable. Additionally, because he is a subject to a treatment team in his PSR program, a group effort is applied to the Existential Therapy experience and development.
(Please see Appendix A.)
3. Treatment Progress. Sonny has demonstrated moderate progress in his treatment by establishing a strong rapport with the therapist represented by allowing the recording of the sessions and ability to acquiescently dictate his history and current symptoms. Sonny has started a meaningful relationship with the therapist as they continue engage in sessions. Sonny has shown mild progress with his ability to understand his freedom and responsibility by his continually emergent understanding of his normative and…

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