Essay about The Globalization Of The Business Market

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The globalization of the business market along with increased diversity in the workplace, consist cross-cultural training and cross-cultural competencies for the workforce and for organisations themselves more important than ever before (Gertsen 1990; Nauman 1992).For example, one very common response to the occurrence of discrimination is the creation of diversity training programs of behalf of the organisation (Rynes & Rosen, 1995).
To begin with, the principal goal of the CCT is to alleviate expatriates’ cultural shock and as a result to make them more productive by increasing their performance (Dowling et al., 2008; Waxin & Panaccio, 2005; Forster, 2000). Bennet et al., (2000) suggested that “personal adjustment in the new host environment, professional effectiveness in accomplishing business responsibilities and interpersonal adjustment” are indicators for expatriates’ success. In addition, employees’ ability to interact with colleagues from a diverse host environment results into their ability to adjust interpersonal with individuals from dissimilar cultures into the same organisation. This enhances the notion that CCT is capable of supporting the increased diversity within organisations. Therefore, the concept of CCT is far from being flawed because not only prepare individuals for working abroad but also train them in order to adjust their interaction with the “natives” in the new and unfamiliar host environments. Another argument in favour of the usefulness of the…

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