Essay on The Globalization Of Eating Disorders

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The Globalization of Eating Disorders

Certain things intrigue us, while others just bore us. This topic is very intriguing. Being a girl you have your fair share of the feelings of wanting to look perfect or look like someone you see on TV. This generally grew to being the uproar of eating disorders. This is no joke, eating disorders are very serious and a lot of girls especially around my age, (18) have suffered from this because we have it in our heads that we have to always look a certain way. In her essay, The Globalization of Eating Disorders, Susan Bordo emphasizes the seriousness of eating disorders. Ultimately I agree one hundred percent with what she has to say in her essay.

When I was a child, I used to think that being beautiful meant being a certain size. I would see the models strutting around the stage on TV, and with this I just always thought this is society 's definition of “beautiful.” Well now I 'm much older, I 've grown up over the years and my thoughts on this topic has changed. I don 't believe that you have to wear a size 0 in pants to beautiful, I believe that you have to wear a size 0 in pants to be considered beautiful, I believe that being beautiful is being confident. Bordo’s essay examined a study that anthropologist Anne Becker had conducted. She explains how the study had been conducted in Fiji in 1995 at this time there was no cases of eating disorders. Three years go by, and the same study is conducted again. Although, this time…

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