The Globalization Of Eating Disorders Essays

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The world nowadays is very different, the media has been advancing nonstop. We are now facing a constant impact from the media in our lives; a lot of people struggle with how they are seen by society. These feelings have been creating many health problems for individuals that want to look like someone better. I believe that these feelings are incorrect, because everybody is different and that is what make us human. People tend to feel bad and rejected because of being in a bad shape, and what I think is psychological is how they compare with those people shown in the media. As is analyze by Carleton University graduate, Singletary Chair in the Humanities and professor of English and women’s studies at the University of Kentucky Susan Bordo in the essay titled “The Globalization of Eating Disorders”, about how Western media images is affecting all the culture around the world; especially girls and women. These images create a disease call “body-image distortion syndrome”; it gives examples of how countries change drastically by the effects of the media. My point of view towards this topic is against this problem and many studies reveal that the consequences are serious and it must be control. Also I think that these feelings are entirely dependent on every individual and how comfortable they feel with their image. So media advancement is something extraordinary in many aspects but the mental problem that creates in many women and girls is terrible. Emotional trauma is…

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