Essay on The Globalization And Security Landscape

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On Globalization and Security Landscape Over the past decade the globalization process has transformed the nature of crime and Terrorism and with it, the global security environment has changed significantly, becoming excessively complex and multi-dimensional.
The view of conventional border type security is that it 's not capable of managing new threats that go beyond the traditional borders. This new reality has turned from 'separation then to integration now ', and more so the increasingly changing world map redefines border lines and shifts into the direction of virtual realms.
We are becoming more and more interdependent societies, and at the same time conflicts spill over from one country to another. By means of globalization, more and more people travel the globe, cross borders, and often stay in countries and regions with different histories, cultures, customs and standards of living. Mobility has changed us, and with increased mobility comes increased threats.
The increasing frequency and the extent of the gap between the familiar and the foreign are raising security risks to new levels, and more so for the individual. Adjusting our thinking and focusing on the human terrain is crucial to our survival. Our personal security is neither a luxury or an add-on, it is a basic human need. Lack of time or proper education on this subject is often given as a reason for not devoting enough attention to how we manage our own security. This must be…

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