Essay about The Global Warming And Environmental Changes

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The Global Warming and Environmental Changes, for years had been a scientific theory, nobody cared about except scientists. Since the 1970’s, the scientists discovered the fact that the temperature of the earth’s is increasing, and that the environment will encounter a real problem because of the humans’ activities on the earth. Even in the late 2000s, both of the government sector and the private sector were still ignoring the issue, due to considering only their own benefits and agendas.
These worries sat with governments unaddressed until the beginning years of 2000 when the scientists pushed to the forefront the In ignorable tolls that were and are to this day marking our Earth and reforming it, Scientists believe for the worst.
Government and the Scientific Community need to start collaborating to work on the problem. Thus, recently all of the classifications in the world’s community neither they were scientist, politicians, students nor children became more and more interested and aware of the global warming issue, and the clue is that most people became more informed of what the global warming really means. The media has helped address this issue significantly; focusing attention to it by means of aired programs even “specials” including interviewing experts specialized in this field, particularly to inform people that everyone is sharing the same problem.
Societies started considering it as a significant issue that may endanger their surrounding atmosphere and…

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