The Global Superpower Of The United States Essay

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The global superpower of the United States has largely gone unthreatened since the fall of the Soviet Union. The world has not seen the domination of a sole superpower in its history. Although, it most likely won’t see it for long. Lately, the economy of China has grown at an unperceived rate that some analysts theorize that China will soon surpass the economy of the United States (Jackson). The “rise of China” has come with contrasting theories if China has the capability to rise peacefully or with force (Brzezinski). In 1972, the world was shocked to learn that President Nixon visited the People’s Republic of China. The United States had fought tirelessly to stop the spread of communism in Vietnam and Korea. Furthermore, when Nixon met with the founder of the People’s Republic of China, Mao Zedong, and the nation’s first premier, Zhou Enlai, the nation was not sure of the potential risks this may entail. However, Nixon firmly believed that a beneficial trade agreement with China could give the United States larger investments to help grow both of their countries’ economy (Bader). The Open-Door Policy has allowed for investments to sky-rocket in both the United States and China. The policy not only allowed trading privileges with the United States and China, but with other countries as well. The UK, France, Germany, and Russia had been organizing separate trading policies with China that would only beneficial to their own nation (The Library of Congress). Recently, the…

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