Essay on The Global Marketplace

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The Global Marketplace

The Global Marketplace

Today’s marketplace has never been faced with as many challenges and obstacles that must require much discipline and creativity in order to remain successful in all aspects of business. Sporting franchises are amongst the top ranking companies that have to remain on the cutting edge of global recognition in order to keep their competition at bay.
Global Marketplace

No matter what city, state or country you live in there is some type of sport, or name of an athlete that is bound to be well known throughout the entire world. The definition and legacy of a successful team was typically described simply by winning the ever so coveted championship within that particular
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Another major factor would be the beliefs of the country you are trying to reach out to, whether religious or cultural beliefs we must always remain sensitive to not insult or dis-respect the other cultures. One example would be mascots or cheer leaders, some cultures hold certain animals as religious symbols, so having some type of person dressed up as an animal may be offensive and disrespectful to the certain culture, also having cheerleaders that are wearing next to nothing may have a huge impact if the culture your trying to reach has strong beliefs about how woman should dress.
How can franchises ensure their products are appropriate for international markets?
A great way to test the market you’re in to make sure that your products are appropriate for that certain market is to hire consultants from that country or culture. Every country has consulting firms that can guide you and advise you on what they consider to be appropriate and ethical and most important what will drive your sales. A less expensive way would be to engage yourself within the culture and read the papers and watch television for commercials, also if there are any other types of sports or advertising it would not hurt to attend a game or an event that may be able to help give you an idea of how and where your product

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